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Cost & Affordability

Earning a degree from a private college is more affordable than you might think.

快播电影 is continually named a top value among liberal arts colleges, and we are committed to making our nationally ranked education affordable for students from all socio-economic backgrounds. Through generous scholarships and aid, a 快播电影 degree is well within your financial reach.

How Much You Can Expect to Pay

Coming up with a 鈥渟ticker price鈥 is a complicated equation. On it鈥檚 face it breaks down like this:

Cost of Attendance 2024-2025 Annual

Student Fee$300







Included in tuition, housing, and food is access to physical and mental health care at 快播电影鈥檚 Student Health & Counseling center. In addition, we estimate the average domestic student will spend about $4,090 for related expenses, such as books, transportation, and personal expenses, whereas international students can expect $5,740 in similar expenses including international student health insurance.

At 快播电影 though, more than 90% of the students don鈥檛 pay this much. The Student Fee helps to cover the rich co-curricular programs, services, performance, recreational activities and other events throughout the term which benefit students and complement our faculty-led instruction.

Take a look at some scenarios:

Cost of Attendance

Excellence and affordability co-exist at 快播电影


Scholarships & Grants

快播电影 will award over $47 million in scholarships and grants this year.


New Scholarships

快播电影 will award $50 million in NEW scholarships in the next ten years.


Nationally Ranked

centre is ranked #7 in the nation for merit scholarship awards.

Calculate Your Cost

快播电影 鈥 named a best-value school by publications like Forbes, Kiplinger鈥檚, and Money 鈥 has a lower sticker price than comparable institutions. And, with the average cost after aid, 快播电影 is often more affordable than a four-year public college. Use our calculators to do your math.

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